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a directive nonprofits are increasingly under; a realistic and powerful approach

Funders tell us- your work is great, but we’d like to make a larger impact- can you collaborate with other community-based organizations?


Collaboration can be incredibly powerful, but program collaboration is challenging and
expensive to administrate. We’ve got the administrative platform
and the social capital that makes program collaboration possible.


With membership, you gain access to opportunities for
joint fundraising and collaborative programming.

Current Collaborative Projects with Multiple  Members Participating:

Healthy Eating Healthy Minds
grant-funded childhood nutrition program

county contracted truancy program

Drop-in Childcare Hubs
county contracted drop-in childcare

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Talent Development

essential for getting your organization where you need
 it to go


Your staff feels starved for professional development and
there are few dollars to go around-  why not combine our efforts? 


 We’ve got a collaborative platform that provides scalable/affordable
training opportunities for members.

Our affinity teams work together to identify needs and design our training catalog-
which includes a focus on program-specific training that can drive
organizational outcomes & community impact.

 Examples of Programming:

 Leadership development training
New manager training
Nonprofit program-specific skills training
Program-focused best practices workshop
Project management training

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Connections & Learning

intentionally built around common interests and best practices

Networking is critical, but what’s the return on investment?
our staff time is valuable.

 Our Affinity Teams gather to share best practices, share training and resources. Together, our members define and shape the programming they need- these are networking groups with intentionality.


Current Affinity Teams:


Volunteer Management Affinity Team

Youth Service Team Affinity Team

Food Shelf Affinity Team

Early Childhood Affinity Team

Social Media Affinity Team

Public Policy Affinity Team

Seniors Affinity Team

Economic Opportunities Affinity Team

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Program Effectiveness

tap into a network of organizations doing similar work & access evaluation and data expertise to help raise the bar

Wonder how other organizations are measuring their program effectiveness

 With nearly twenty member organizations using a common database, we’ve developed shared expertise around data collection, evaluation, and program effectiveness.


Tap into the knowledge of others as well as expertise to help get you to the next level.


Program Effectiveness Initiatives:

“Data discovery” sessions with an evaluation expert can
 to help you understand your data

Access contract evaluation services

Access opportunity for ClientTrack
database service & support

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Collaborative Administrative Services

 done with your mission at the center

We can lighten the load and lower the risk.

 Members have the opportunity to subscribe to any of our
administrative services a la carte.


Experience the benefit of expert administrative services- services that can empower you to focus on what you are good at-  your mission, not the administrative details.

Services Available:

Financial Services

Human Resources Services

Client Data Services

Evaluation Services

Facilities Services

IT Services

Medical Billing Services

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Collective Voice & Operating Scale

 amplify your organization’s  voice & purchasing power

Leverage operating scale and the potential of collective approaches.
We truly are better together.

Join forces with other members, you can achieve a more powerful presence advocating for
public policy issues affecting our communities.


Our size and scale provides our members access to opportunities for cooperative purchasing
and negotiated goods and services.

Together our Members:

Operate at more than 100 locations in the
Twin Cities metro area

Maintain combined operating budgets
of over $100M per year

Employ more than 1,500 people

Serve over 350,000 people annually
through a diverse array of programs and services

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